West Palm Settles Public Records Lawsuit….

Town to pay Weeks’ attorney fees to settle public records lawsuit

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By Michele Dargan

Daily News Staff Writer

The town settled a public records lawsuit with former firefighter Jason Weeks for $5,218 in attorney’s fees, after producing the disputed records and admitting town staff erred in not releasing records.

Council members voted 4-1 to settle the lawsuit Jan. 14, after meeting in a closed-door session with town attorney John Randolph. Councilman William Diamond dissented.

Councilman Michael Pucillo made the motion to settle it, saying “there were some documents that should have been produced and were not, and, ultimately, there may be some liability here and this is a reasonable resolution.”

If the town didn’t settle, it could be responsible for additional attorneys’ fees on both sides, Pucillo said.


In September, the town paid Weeks $300,000 to settle a whistleblower lawsuit he filed in April 2012. It was the single largest in recent history paid by the town to settle a lawsuit with an employee or former employee.

Town Manager Tom Bradford said the town made a mistake in denying Weeks the records.

“There was a misunderstanding in the Police Department as to the public records law,” Bradford said. “They either felt there was an ongoing investigation or that they were not required to release them, for whatever reason. When the lawyers for the town became involved with the matter, they decided that was not correct and those documents needed to be released to Jason and they were released to him. The simple and safest and least expensive thing to do was to settle and pay his attorneys’ fees.”

Initial denial

Deerfield Beach attorney Giovani Mesa, who represents Weeks, said they received close to 100 pages of documents through the course of the lawsuit.

“These records, when initially requested, we were informed the records did not exist,” Mesa said. “They initially denied all the allegations in the complaint. It was through the discovery process, things were uncovered and found these records did, in fact, exist. At that time, we were discussing taking some sworn testimony. In the meantime, they amended their answer to our complaint, alleging it was an oversight and unintentional.”

Randolph said the employee responding to the records request thought the records were exempt, but they weren’t because the investigation in question had been concluded.

“We felt the employee responded in good faith,” Randolph said. “Even though we ultimately provided those records, it was not in a timely manner is response to a public records request and if we went to court, the court would find a technical violation in the public records law. We thought this was the best course of action.”

A former battalion chief for Palm Beach Fire-Rescue, Weeks was demoted in October 2011 and fired in December 2012 after an internal investigation determined he used town equipment, while on town time, to work on a website critical of the town’s pension cuts.

Weeks contends that he engaged in protected whistleblower activity before his demotion and firing, while other department brass, who also were involved but denied it, retained their jobs.

In May, a judge dismissed another public records lawsuit Weeks filed against the town. That is currently on appeal.

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We are the Camel Club (Some alleged members shown) – An Article by Karin Ann Griffin

We are the Camel Club

Camel Club Photo

It has taken months of research to finally understand the workings of the Camel Club and I thank those who have contributed information, which we may have not had had it not been for the ill treatment of especially Joe Griffin in 2014.  To those finally with a conscience, thank you!  Enough time has passed so hopefully no threats will pass unto any of you.  One individual was in fear that the house they owned would be burnt to the ground if Joe’s side was taken. We ourselves have been told that ambulatory and fire services would not be available to us.  If they do threaten you in some way, I am positive FDLE would be extremely interested. As you can see, the Camel Club rules the Town of White Springs.


Some have reported various discrepancies throughout the years, and noting that the longest standing council member and one former councilman is shown in the photo, it is evident the Camel Club is closely associated with the Town of White Springs and with all the denials from these people, the truth may never be known, but there have been two reports which are outstanding relating to town economic development.


At one time we were told that before the amphitheater was constructed, two massive shade oak trees (not water oaks) were removed and trucked by a logging company in the wee hours of the morning prior to starting the site work. The person advising me of this stated it was his/her belief that two town officials probably received anywhere from $25,000 to $40,000 for the oaks, which oak wood is desired to make much of today’s fine furniture.  Although it could not be confirmed, it was said that some of the money was used to renovate a certain house in White Springs and to assist some improvements and betterments to some of the neighborhood friend’s homes.


We at one time questioned why one of the councilman’s residence premises included the same bricks as the bricks on the street to nowhere.  We were told by the Town that the councilman paid for the bricks.  Now whether it was paid from the oaks or whether by ordering additional bricks it lowered the pricing of the bricks to get a great deal, I do not know the facts.  I only know what rumors have been given me.




I have learned now that there are two divisions of the Camel Club; one pertains to soliciting certain types of business people for an association of sorts and the other consists of nine writers, some of which are not pictured in these photos.  Let’s look at the Business Association of the Camel Club first and I am certain that if you are unaware of it, the association will intrigue you.  First let me state, only white or Hispanic businesses are allowed in the association to my knowledge.  Let’s face it, it probably is fact because I do note any Black Camel Club Members (But they do allow Black People to work for them…and they call Joe a racist!).


From what I understand, the representatives of this Secret Organization, after deciding a specific business or the owners thereof will meet the right needs or criteria of the Club, two or more representatives will go to the business owner’s residence and introduce the owner to the Camel Club.  The Club’s sole purpose is to expand specific businesses by assuring the Club’s members and friends will shop at the Owner’s store so that the owner may be successful.   Sounds good so far…..but stay with me. This is where it gets interesting.


To be part of this association to increase business for the Owner, the Owner or Owners must promise either discounts, special buys or to hold certain functions for the Camel Club Members only, which are not available to the public.  Not all Stores are approached because the subject owners are studied and a determination is made whether they may be approachable or whether they may serve the interest professionally and socially of those Members in Standing.


Now you say, what could be wrong with a setup such as that? Special Folks get Special Strokes!  Well since it is obvious from our own situation in 2014, apparently the officials do not understand a Federal Law may be applicable to this type of organization.  I will explain it further.

Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, commonly referred to as the RICO Act or simply RICO, is a United States federal law that provides for extended criminal penalties and a civil cause of action for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization. The RICO Act focuses specifically on racketeering, and it allows the leaders of a syndicate to be tried for the crimes which they ordered others to do or assisted them, closing a perceived loophole that allowed someone who told a man to, for example, murder, to be exempt from the trial because he did not actually commit the crime personally.


What would constitute Racketeering under Florida Statute?

895.03 Prohibited activities and defense.

(1) It is unlawful for any person who has with criminal intent received any proceeds derived, directly or indirectly, from a pattern of racketeering activity or through the collection of an unlawful debt to use or invest, whether directly or indirectly, any part of such proceeds, or the proceeds derived from the investment or use thereof, in the acquisition of any title to, or any right, interest, or equity in, real property or in the establishment or operation of any enterprise.

(2) It is unlawful for any person, through a pattern of racketeering activity or through the collection of an unlawful debt, to acquire or maintain, directly or indirectly, any interest in or control of any enterprise or real property.

(3) It is unlawful for any person employed by, or associated with, any enterprise to conduct or participate, directly or indirectly, in such enterprise through a pattern of racketeering activity or the collection of an unlawful debt.


(4) It is unlawful for any person to conspire or endeavor to violate any of the provisions of subsection (1), subsection (2), or subsection (3).


I will let you decide for yourselves as to whether you feel the Camel Club falls into this category based upon its specific requests of perspective and long




time members.


DIVISION TWO – THE WRITERS OF THE CAMEL CLUB NEWS (Now virtually listed as the White Spring Satirist, Various Anonymous writers, various supermen, formerly known as King Camel, Wise Camel, Pretty Camel etc. They acted in a manner similar to the KKK.

This Division I believe was the first and foremost.  The Town disliked Joe Griffin from the moment he moved to White Springs…and this not only related to the fact that he was a Truck Driver but because he requested public documents 119’s, disliked corruption “Special Strokes for Special Folks” relating to town ordinances; believed in the Sunshine Law, etc.  And when each and every Agenda, Complaint, 119, etc was denied, Griffin in accordance with the Sunshine Law elected to take the matters to court; unfortunately without an attorney, pro see.  In each case the council refused to listen to him, would not discuss anything and would not provide mediation and the attorneys even stipulated in writing they did not have to comply with the law, thus; the Town did not have to comply with the law.  Joe had never been arrested in his life before moving to White Springs, nor had I.  Anyway you know the story. Welcome to Camel Territory.


Now, Ed Miller really wished his wife to become mayor without Joe Griffin’s interference, if any . Even after threatening Joe Griffin’s life at the Telford, Ed was not arrested but wrote his famous five letters asking the residents to remove Joe Griffin and his cohorts from White Springs and that he would offer up to a $10,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of Joe Griffin.  These letters began in July of 2010 and continued through 2011.  The letters were distributed to not only the Stores and Restaurants of White Springs by the Mayor and her husband Ed (Robert), but also sent to each and every sewer and water recipient. They contained so many slanderous and defaming statements it was unbelievable.


Now even though the Mayor’s Blog, the Jasper News, continually uses the Griffins as front page news, the Camel Club formulated the Camel Club News based upon Ed Miller stipulating “ Joe Griffin is a vicious predator who stalks and preys upon the defenseless.  Joe Griffin is a sadistic criminal.  Joe Griffin is a domestic terrorist whose weapon of choice is no less destructive than that of a terrorist anywhere in the world.  THE TIME HAS COME FOR JOE GRIFFIN TO PACK HIS TENT, MOUNT HIS CAMEL AND TROT OUT OF TOWN.  HE IS NOT NEEDED HERE AND HE IS NOT WANTED HERE.”


Now we have had  an uncharged pedophile, individuals with records, individuals who lied on applications, a US Traitor who was pardoned and God knows what represent our Town.  Even Robert A. Miller states he was a Diplomat….but I am not certain for whom since he was selling penny stocks and the only information which pertains to him was relating to that business.  Of course Military Records are to be kept private and even family members cannot secure the records of anyone in or who has been in the military and is 18 years of age….but guess what!  There are no privacy laws in White Springs even though they are valid relative to Military records; whether forged requests are sent or military people are enticed, we do not know, but the Privacy Laws apparently do not apply to our officials .  You can see the favoritism of some and the disdain of others, such as the Griffins.

The purpose of this second division, of course, is and has been to cause Joe Griffin and now Karin so much hardship, without legitimate purpose, that the Griffins would be forced to move from White Springs. At least since three inches of Camel Club News articles were provided to the Sheriff’s office and ultimately to the State’s attorney’s office, we ourselves have not seen rude comments on our blog.  By the way, our blog was started to Redress our Grievances and to show the Citizens of White Springs, who cared, how rude and obnoxious the Camel Club Members really are.  At least in Division I of the Camel Club, they have not face to face called us names; they only lift their chins and noses a bit higher showing we are not as great as they are; And unfortunately for them, we really do not care.




This time there will be no election tampering or voter fraud because I or my wife are not running.

The seats up for confirmation are the seats held by Rhett Bullard and Tanja Brown two of the Mayor’s strongest supporters in the believed to be corrupt town council.

If you want to try and make a difference in the town political structure you must fill out an application at Town Hall no later than March 17th. You should fill out an application at least a week before that because you must gather signatures of people who would want you to run.

If you want to vote and are not yet registered you must do so by March 23.

To run you must be a registered voter and must reside in the Town of White Springs for a year prior to qualifying.

Scholarships might be available for those wishing to run but lacking the financial where with all to do so. Contact Karin Griffin at 397 2951 if you are considering running for one of these two seats held presently by the mayor’s sycophants.

It is time for a change and neither Rhett or Tanja have the political courage to stand up and lower your sewer bills.