If the Council is not the appropriate authority to judge an attorney and town manager, who is?

Note the hilarity of this all.  Joe Griffin makes a complaint against the Town Manager and the Town Manager sends him the following letter.


April 8, 2008

Mr. Griffin,

The Town has received and reviewed your Citizens Complaint dated February 24, 2008.  I am not an attorney and therefore cannot comment on the legal reference made in the complaint.  It appears your complaint alleges violation of the Florida Sunshine Law Statute by the Town Attorney and the Town Manager.  I am informing you that this is not the proper authority to handle this complaint.  Therefore the Town will not proceed any further with your complaint.  If you have any questions regarding this letter, please contact me.


Robert Townsend

Town Manager

Attorney states Council is above reproach Then and now apparently!

In our research of background information, I found something very interesting in the White Springs Town Council Meeting dated April 8, 2008.  It is obviously the intent of the council was not to follow laws and their attorney’s statement below cites the Council as above reproach.  This group of people, (cited below), were never elected to serve the public or follow the law.


Mr. Kennon stated that the complaint was brought before the Council last month but due to the absence of council member, it could not be voted upon.  The complaint is against Mayor McKire and Vice Mayor Hardwick, Mr. Kennon went on to state that he disagreed with Mr. Griffin’s assessment of the law.  The complaint would not be handled due to the absence of Councilperson Ford.

The second complaint is against the Town Manager and Town attorney proposed violation of the Sunshine LawMr. Griffin encouraged the Council to look at the Sunshine LawThe attorney General Opinion is that staff falls under the Sunshine Law.  Mr. Griffin went on to state that we are no closer solving the issue than we were eight years ago.

Mayor McKire cautioned Mr. Griffin not to interrupt these meetings.

Councilman Williams stated that he was somewhat confused, the manager is our staff and Mr. Kennon is our legal counsel and from time to time they have to speak to get data to us for our decision, they do the leg work for us, so how can they do that if they have to publish every time they speak to each other.

Mr. Kennon stated that the final decision is always left up to the council.


Councilman Williams asked Mr. Kennon if he was a licensed attorney and licensed to practice in the State of Florida and Mr. Kennon answered yes.

Mr. Griffin interrupted once again stating he had presented the council with two Attorney General Opinions about the staff operating in the Sunshine.

Councilman Williams stated when he was the county coordinator, he was never questioned about the Sunshine Law when he conferred with the county attorney and he doesn’t see where there is any action to take in that we appointed the town manager and town attorney.

Joe Griffin again stated items that will come before the council must be in the sunshine.

Mr. Kennon stated that his response to the citizen complaint stands and that it is not appropriate to investigate the Council.


Mr. Griffin continually tried to interrupt the meeting and at one point he tried to take Councilman Williams council book.  (Joe wanted to show him something in the book)

Councilman Williams informed Mr. Griffin that he will ask the Mayor to have the Chief of Police to escort you out of the meeting informing him that he had no right to insult the Council and we have not insulted you.

Motion made by Councilman Williams and seconded by Vice Mayor Hardwick stating that after review by the attorney and discussion with the citizen I find the complaint unfounded and closed.

Duh! I only realized today the Mayor and Vice Mayor have their own blog besides the Camel Club News


I didn’t think about it until today but Helen Miller and Walter McKenzie actually have their own blog sites.  It is called Jasper News and the Suwannee Democrat.  I never could understand how the reporter who works for them could omit anything which may be critical of either Miller or McKenzie but when it comes to Joe or Karin Griffin, they make certain every detail goes in the paper.  Yet I find it interesting that they worry about our blog when in fact their two blogs touch most of the people in the surrounding areas that get the papers themselves or have the internet.   No wonder there is so much information about the Griffins.  It is their intent to harass us as much as possible.  That is why there is hardly any news out of Jasper. The Paper only writes about White Springs and even though no other criminal would be on the front page, if it is the Griffins, we can be assured we are on page one.

The WSPD Who are they? How far will they go for the Officials?

I found one of the best articles relating to the perplexing problem Joe and I have experienced in White Springs. http://www.akdart.com/cops.html

And since, I am blamed for harassment of the Town, which itself has wielded harassment against Joe Griffin for fifteen years I feel it is appropriate to express my feelings about the issue.  In fact I have been threatened by one of the anonymous Camels that I better quit or I will go to jail.  What you do not know about me is that I have always been on the right side of the law and if that means I am jailed for my beliefs that the Justice System will prevail, then so be it.


That article is below for your review.  I am certain many of you have experienced the types of police officers the article is speaking of because throughout the years, many of us have been profiled.


 When Town officials are elected they somehow feel they are “Royalty” above and beyond the lawThey do NOT understand that their first and main duty is to serve the citizens and that means protecting the citizen’s rights.  These Officials do not hire police officers of the kind I have experienced all my life who are good, honest and keep a community safe.   Most officers are the best of the lot who protect the community from real violators of the law and who provide the necessary peace and tranquility that citizens require to go on with their regular lives.

If these WS officials dislike someone, they will use their power to even go beyond the police department to get what they want.  They will go to State Departments, Judges and others who will get the job done.  But what happens to those people in higher positions who listen to them and find that perhaps they were wrong in pressing charges when most of the information has been trumped up by their PD at the behest of the officials.  Well it tarnishes their reputations, but the officials don’t care….they are out for vengeance.

 When the Mayor and Vice Mayor were denied the chance to write another bogus witness statement by the council, what did they do? They used the Jasper News reporter to broadcast the information relating to Joe Griffin, and I might add unknownst to the State’s attorney.  But yes, they have the advice of the town’s attorneys who for years have shown in various court cases that they do not have to comply with Sunshine Laws, Chapter 119’s or any other municipal ordinances.   This is pure harassment and I hope all of you officials are enjoying it.

Others in White Springs who have violated the law (even for theft) have been allowed PTI and were not front page news.  They can go on with their lives.   But I guess, the officials need to get Griffin and their only way is to trump the charges further so he has a terrible record for something I mistakenly did.  You should be so proud my dear officials…again it is special strokes for special folks.  Some can get by without harassment even if they steal, but the Griffins are another story.

The following is an example of their use of power.  The Mayor and two employees (you see the complaint on the internet) wrote their statements on the 19th, probably getting them to the States Attorney the 20th , the court sent their letter on the 20th and by the 23rd the PTI was removed per an e-mail to our attorney, because of course they are the officials and they cannot lie about anything, even if much of this material was from 2013 and I, should have been the one arrested (Karin)/  Any such material does not even show on the new blog any longer or on any Google search except for specific issues which need to be addressed.

 And what is the “Fraud”?  Well the “Fraud” was that he allegedly was trying to get a job with White Springs as Town Manager…securing gain in other words.  You, our loyal readers and even the friends of the officials the Camel club, know Joe would never have been hired for the job even if he had been the best and it was obvious after various applicants with experience applied, he would have never been hired….but you just had to show him another “Lesson” as Robert (Ed) A Miller had frequently said along with his Camel Friends.  In fact these dear Camels expressed not only that Joe would not be ever hired but neither would I.   They could not have us see what they have been trying to do to us for years.

When I mentioned that employees, and possibly officials of the town should take psychological tests, it was not in jest.  When I worked or applied to companies, after a series of interviews I was always required to take a psychological test in order to be hired by the company.  Since I always was in service industries, companies did not wish their employees, especially those who served the public in some way to have discrimination problems or psychological problems that would lead to one being unfair to certain types of people.

  http://www.akdart.com/cops.html   Abuse of Power by Ordinary Cops

The very best cops in this country are the ones you never hear about.  They go about their thankless jobs, they stick their necks out every day, trying to make the world a safer place.  They sweep drunks off the street at 3:00 a.m.  They fill out paperwork constantly.  One their days off, their neighbors expect them to act as the neighborhood security guard, referee and guidance counselor.  One fellow I know was a cop for several years, and upon leaving the profession, one of the first things he noticed was that his nose stopped hurting.  Apparently he got into street fights every night, through no fault of his own, and it was just part of the job. In fact, I’ve known a lot of people who have been law enforcement officers, and a few who still are, and they truly are America’s Finest.  Without people like them, this country (or any other) would be an awful place to live, because there are so many nearby residents who simply won’t behave themselves without forcible external control (for a number of reasons). But unfortunately there are also the cops at the bottom of the curve.  The ones who are only marginally qualified.  The ones who should be at the city jail — on the other side of the bars.  The ones who are only working as cops because that’s the best job they can get at the moment.  And worst of all, the ones with more ego than brains:  self-important badge-happy goons who should never have been hired.  Generally, cops of this sort are only found in small towns, because the police departments in major cities filter their applicants quite stringently. In some cases, formerly reasonable men and women have been put into positions where they have to justify their paychecks by generating revenue for the cities that hired them.  It is a stereotype I’m sure you know very well:  There’s a cop in every small town handing out speeding tickets to tourists on the biggest highway around.  But stereotypes don’t just materialize out of nowhere.  There really are small towns that make a lot of money off the speeders on interstate highways.  Rather than taking a bite out of genuine crime, many cops spend their days hiding in the roadside bushes with a radar gun and writing tickets.  This sort of activity has very little to do with public safety, but is instead a pretense to stop passing motorists and search their cars for guns, drugs, seat belt violators, or any of several other petty offenses.  If you fail the “attitude test”, you’ll pay dearly.  You might assume they’re just following orders, but you might be wrong. This page shows some examples of what can happen when local and state police agencies have too much power, too little restraint, and too many bad ideas.”  

Sounds like what they have been doing to Joe! It shows what corrupt officials will do to people who use their 1st Amendment Rights

What This Police Chief Did To A Tea Party Leader Is As Childish As It Is Illegal


The feud between Campbell, Wisconsin Police Chief Tim Keleman and local Tea Party Leader Greg Luce began last fall, when Luce started organizing protests against Barack Obama on an interstate overpass.

Keleman objected to the protests, claiming they disrupted traffic. So, he did what any responsible police chief would do: he persuaded the town board to pass an ordinance banning signs on the bridge.

Oh, and he also signed Luce up on homosexual dating, pornography and federal healthcare websites.

Via Police One:

Kelemen told investigators Luce urged tea party supporters across the U.S. to bombard his department with harassing phone calls and threats in retaliation for the ordinance.


Kelemen told investigators he tried to get back at Luce this winter by using his name, address, phone number and email address to create accounts for Luce on homosexual dating, pornography and federal health care websites.


He told investigators he didn’t think what he was doing was a “big deal.”


Luce has filed a lawsuit in federal court, claiming the ordinance violates his freedom of speech rights, as well as filing charges against Keleman for stealing his identity. Barney The chief has been placed on paid leave.

Barney Fife ain’t got nothin’ on this guy.